(last entry 6.30pm), Piazza della Rotonda, 00186 Roma RM, Italy, I agree to my email being stored and used to receive the newsletter. The monumental peristyle was inspired by the Pantheon commissioned by Agrippa in Rome. Pantheon, Raphael and Caravaggio - Private Tour. Go Rome Explorer Pass with Colosseum and Vatican Museums. More info. La mythologie romaine raconte que la grotte où vivait Luperca - la louve qui a allaité Romulus et Rémus – se situait au Mont Palatin. J.-C., au début du règne d’Auguste, par Agrippa, compagnon d’Auguste [5], qui participait ainsi à la politique d’embellissement de la Ville, encouragée par Auguste [6].Il édifia le Panthéon et les thermes d’Agrippa en marge de la partie urbanisée de Rome, près du Champ de Mars, région propice aux grands aménagements urbains. It was consecrated by Boniface IV to Our Lady, Oueen of Martyrs. Validity: 1 Day You don’t need to get Pantheon tickets. Book your tickets online for Pantheon, Rome: See 78,209 reviews, articles, and 37,312 photos of Pantheon, ranked No.2 on Tripadvisor among 2,081 attractions in Rome. It was the model, too, for St. Paul’s in London, as well as of the Capitol in Washington. This monument marks the end of the ancient history of the quarter, which was quite sparsely inhabited until the Middle Ages. Easy! Compare Best Tours & Tickets Prices around Pantheon Rome. Pantheon, Raphael and Caravaggio - Private Tour. Search and let yourself be found. Tickets for Pantheon: Audio Guide We don’t have these tickets right now. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. We are happy to be your travel companion.” It had a Greek name. All days: 9:00am – 7:00pm 226 Reviews. Les jours fériés, le Panthéon de Rome ferme à 13 heures. What to Expect. Quick View. Compare Tours & Attraction Ticket Prices from Top Travel Sites. The Pantheon is in the heart of the Ancient City of Rome, fed by a few narrow lanes. It has, of course, been the object of study as a pagan edifice, by reason of its marvelous architecture, which is justly considered superb. €7. Situé à peu près à mi-chemin entre la Piazza Navona et la fontaine de trévi, le Panthéon est un des plus célèbres monuments de la ville de Rome. Il remplace le temple qui fut lui construit par Agrippa, général romain et homme politique, vers -27 avant Jésus-Christ et qui fut brulé en l’an 80 après Jésus-Christ. Schedule . Ticket for Pantheon with Audioguide + City APP.  Seller: Tiqets ‘Pan’ means ‘all’ and ‘theon’ means gods. Useful Information For Visiting The Pantheon Rome Getting Pantheon tickets. Duration: 3 Hours 891 Reviews, from €20.00 EUR  Organized by: Getyourguide Quick View. An inscription at the front entrance speaks of its dedication by Marcus Agrippa. Today Tomorrow Select a date You're good to go! NOTE: The Italian Culture Minister had announced a €2/person fee for entry that was planned to go into effect in May 2018, but this fee is not likely to be implemented anytime soon. The Pantheon, one of Rome’s landmarks, is located in the historic center of Rome in between the Piazza Navona and the Trevi Fountain.The Pantheon is one of the oldest monuments in Rome and probably the best preserved temple of the Ancient Rome. Free. 3 See photo gallery. Micheletti, archpriest of the Basilica of Santa Maria ad Martyres, Discover the best-preserved monument of Ancient Rome on a 1-hour guided tour of the Pantheon. Special Offer. More ways to experience Pantheon Rome New on Tiqets. Reconstruit à la demande de l’empereur Hadrien, entre 118 et 128 apr. See more. View All Tours. Pantheon: Guided Tour. Take part in a live streaming visit of the Pantheon, with a live operator and questions and answers in real time. As this is a church, it is completely free to visit. The Pantheon was once a pagan temple to all the gods. 482 Reviews, from €35.10 EUR The proposed fee for Pantheon Rome tickets is €2. The following pages will guide him and direct his attention to those points which merit particular explanation and attention. Between the Fontana de Trevi and Piazza Navona. Tour. 1-hour tour with expert and passionate staff of the Pantheon. But until there is a final decision and implementation, the answer to the question: Is the Pantheon free? Pope Benedict II restored it (684), To preserve the structure Gregory III (731-741) had the dome covered with lead and Anastasius IV built a palace beside it (1150). 1 review. $98.38 per adult. 3.923 Reviews, from  €33.90 EUR Discover the Pantheon with the official audio tour, available in 9 languages: 15 listening points (for a total of 35 minutes of audio) and a map to locate the points of interest that works offline. No dates or amounts were mentioned, but verbally the minister said “a few euros”. $448.31 per adult. The Pantheon, probably the most famous building in European architectural history. 36.105 Reviews, Copyright © 2008-2018 | Colosseum Rome Tickets. Booking tickets to Rome attractions that include Pantheon admission ensures you get to experience this site without waiting hours in line. Agrippa’s Pantheon is the best preserved architectural work of ancient Rome and one of the tourist icons of the city. Constans II, the Byzantine Emperor, took off the gilt bronze tiles in 667 A.D. from the roof and sent them to Constantinople. Construit au temps d’Auguste, le Panthéon est un édifice dédié à l’ensemble des divinités vénérées de la Rome Antique. Discover the Pantheon of Rome in live streaming The visit will be carried out by a live streaming operator, who will lead you, together with other participants, to discover the Pantheon.  Organized by: MEA Tour&Events This feast was later transferred to November 1, as the Feast of All Saints. Le Panthéon de Rome est ouvert tous les jours sauf le 1er janvier et le 25 décembre. Pantheon Tickets. Reserve an Audio Guide . The temple is composed of a pronaos leading to a large circular chamber covered by a cupola. Pantheon Digital Experience .  Organized by: Enjoy Rome Guide local et écouteurs audio. Selon la légende, à l’âge adulte, les frères décidèrent de construire une ville sur la rive du fleuve, mais étant en désaccord sur certains points, Romulus tua son frère Rémus et fonda la ville de Rome. Le Pantheon Rome est un Temple en l’honneur des Dieux, d’où son appellation (du grec pan = tous / théos = dieux). Treasure Hunt: Discovery of Mysteries in the City of Rome. The Pantheon is in Piazza della Rotonda, Rome. 502 Reviews. 2.913 Reviews, from €53.90 EUR Listen to the history of Rome and the stories about the best preserved monument of Antiquity, with a guided tour full of details. Pope Boniface IV acquires the Pantheon from the Byzantine Emperor Phocas. We Find More Deals Search activities, tours, attraction tickets from top travel sites in one go. from €61.00 EUR Duration: 35 Min. Rome. But, with his known modesty, he preferred to leave Agrippa’s inscription on the tympanum. Duration: 2.5 Hours 1 review. The rectangular portico screens the vast hemispherical dome: only from inside can its true scale and beauty be appreciated. Closed and abandoned under the first Christian emperors and pillaged by the barbarians. Michelangelo intended to raise the Pantheon up to Heaven with the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica. Le Panthéon original fut construit en 27 av. Location. .checked{color:orange;} Our bookshop offers you numerous religious items and souvenirs, so that you retain that unique bond of union with the Pantheon. 1.539 Reviews, from €35.00 EUR by Agrippa and restored by Domitian after the fire of 80 A.D., the Pantheon is the best preserved of all the monuments of ancient Rome. Discover the treasures of Rome on this fun, interactive tour From $18.17. Organized by: Touriks Pope Pius IV restored the old bronze door and had it almost modify (1563 ). The Pantheon is noteworthy, among all surviving Roman temples, for its remarkably fine state of preservation. The Pantheon in Rome. In recent years the Italian Government has cleared away the accumulated buildings which obscured the massive structure and since 1929 it has been a palatine basilica under the patronage of the head of the Italian state. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. The temple proper, the rotunda, is certainly not the original one, because it was built in the period of the Emperor Hadrian, 120-125 A.D., as is clearly proved by the marks in the bricks, which date exactly from that period. Ancient Monuments of Rome Small Group Guided Tour, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, and Trevi Fountain Walking Tour, Colosseum Priority Entrance + Arena Floor, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, Skip the Line Colosseum with Arena Floor + Professional Guided Tour, Ancient Rome Tour: Colosseum Underground, Arena Floor & Roman Forum, Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel Tickets with Audioguide, Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and Saint Peter’s Basilica Guided Tour. Translated, this can be read as “Marcus Agrippa, son of Lucius, having been consul three times made it.”. Basilica of Santa Maria ad Martyres in Rome, Pantheon Pantheon was significantly appreciated throughout the Renaissance. ‘Pan’ means ‘all’ and ‘theon’ means gods. Piazza della Rotonda. Tous les conseils pour votre visite au Panthéon. Mons. In the Middle Ages the Pantheon, the Roman temple of “all the gods”, became a church; in time this magnificent building with its awe-inspiring domed interior became a symbol of Rome itself. Discover the Pantheon of Rome in live streaming The visit will be carried out by a live streaming operator, who will lead you, together with other participants, to discover the Pantheon. As the inscription on the gable of the temple indicates, it dates from the years 27-25 B.C. Temporarily unavailable. Book today! .checked{color:orange;}  Organized by: Enjoy Rome See more. The monument of Pantheon, no doubt, is one of the most iconic structures of Rome. Discover the official app created in collaboration with the Chapter of Santa Maria ad Martyres to visit the Pantheon of Rome. The Pantheon in Rome is the most complete ancient building (125 AD) in Rome and one of the city's most spectacular sights. Let's Get Social! the nearest stop is Barberini (line A), about 700 metres from the Pantheon. Audio Guide. It has served as a model for many public buildings in various parts of the world. Un exploit, dû notamment à une construction robuste, qui té… More info. Roman Forum, Dome. However, the fact that admission is free doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from Pantheon Rome tickets to skip the line! ‘Pan’ means ‘all’ and ‘theon’ means gods. In 1885 the campanile of Urban VIII (1623- 1644) was removed. Pantheon, Rome. The Pantheon is glorious, not only from the viewpoint of art and history, but even more because of its religious history. Duration: 3 Hours 15 Min. But it is not certain, and in fact denied by many modern authorities, that even the portico is the one built by Agrippa. Although you cannot buy Pantheon Rome official tickets, you can purchase a Rome Gold VisitPass, which includes fast track entry into the Pantheon. Quick View . About Us. However, be prepared for large crowds of tourists waiting in line to get in. There is a lot to see here and you may want to consider going on a tour. Quick View. Good news! .checked{color:orange;} Times may vary in accordance with special religious celebrations. It would appear that the builder was really the Emperor Hadrian, who had a veritable passion for constructing imposing edificies; for example, his own mausoleum, now Castel S. Angelo;-the temple of Venus and Roma, the most magnificent of imperial times; the temple of Olympian Jove in Athens, which rivals the Parthenon, and the famous Villa of Hadrian near Tivoli. This page covers the practical information you need to know, such as details of how to get to the Pantheon, opening hours and walks as well as professional tours. Its quintessential look has earned it a lot of admirers over the time. PARTICIPATE IN THE DIGITAL EXPERIENCE ON THE 27 AUGUST 2020, 6 P.M. ROME TIME. The Pantheon is free and requires no tickets to enter. BY UNDERGROUND . Book a Guided Tour. .checked{color:orange;} How to reach us. Pantheon Rome, the official app for visiting the Pantheon, is available in 8 languages ​​for iOS and Android devices. The religious articles of the Pantheon will be available online soon! Stories, videos, music, images, 3D reconstructions that will accompany you along the way, through an in-depth, engaging and interactive live narration. Panorama of inside interior. $6.23 per adult. The inscription is still legible, despite the damage that has ravaged the rest of the building. Pope Urban VIII of the Barberini family removed the bronze sheeting of the portico beams to build the cannons of Castel Sant’Angelo— inspiring the famous saying, ‘Quod non fecerunt barbari fecerunt Barberini’ (‘What the barbarians did not do, the Barberini did’). That is why every visitor to Rome, no matter how limited his stay, never fails to visit this monument and to be deeply impressed by it. Ticket for Pantheon with Audioguide + City APP. .checked{color:orange;} our most. But check out similar tickets and other great locations below. Duration: 3-4 Hours Piazza della Rotonda and the Pantheon. Go Rome Explorer Pass with Colosseum and Vatican Museums. The Pantheon was once a pagan temple to all the gods. .checked{color:orange;} Adulte. When the popes resided in Avignon, the temple functioned as a fortress in the conflicts in between the competing Roman noble families of the Colonna and the Orsini.  Organized by: D’Uva J-C., il constitue un exemple typique d’architecture classique incarnant le calcul parfait de la géométrie et l’harmonie de lignes lui donnant stabilité et équilibre. 4.6 / 5 (47 reviews) Tickets About 3 tickets • from $8.28. Each donation helps us to support the many services offered in the Basilica of Santa Maria ad Martyres, in favor of those in need and the missions. The bodies of many martyrs were removed from the Catacombs to be buried here. The Pantheon was once a pagan temple to all the gods. Visite guidée du Panthéon et de Santa Maria Sopra Minerva à Rome (à partir de 48,28 $US) Visite en petit groupe aux anciens monuments de Rome avec le pass coupe-file (à partir de 45,86 $US) Colisée, Panthéon et Forum Romain Express: visite en petit groupe - … More info. Every year, over 6 million people visit the Piazza della Rotonda, the square where the Pantheon is located, to admire this formidable monument. Ce temple devait permettre de représenter toute la puissance de Rome et d’honorer l’ensemble des Dieux, quelque soit leur origine, d’où son nom (« pan » signifie « tous » et « theos » veut dire « dieux »). Pope Alexander VII had actually the portico repaired in 1662 and decreased the level of the square to offer a much better sight of the front; Pope Clement IX bordered the portico with an iron barrier (1668 ); Pope Benedict XIV restored the inside and also the atrium. Please log in again. See all tours & tickets. Le Panthéon est lun des monuments les mieux conservés de lépoque romaine et de nos jours, une église. More info. Il s’agit aujourd’hui d… .checked{color:orange;} Built in 27 B.C. A decorative programme. Visite guidée du Panthéon et de Santa Maria Sopra Minerva à Rome (à partir de 49,81 $US) Visite en petit groupe aux anciens monuments de Rome avec le pass coupe-file (à partir de 47,32 $US) Colisée, Panthéon et Forum Romain Express: visite en petit groupe - … Experience Rome's Pantheon. The inscription reads: M AGRIPPA L F COS TERTIUM FECIT. Pantheon in Rome, Italy. Monday – Saturday: 8:30am – 7:30pm (last entry 7:15 pm) Sunday: 9am – 6pm (last entry 5:45 pm) 1st May (national holiday): 9 am to 6 pm (last entry 5:45 pm) Price. Download it on your Apple or Android device and enjoy your visit to the Pantheon of Rome!Learn about history, architecture, religious activities, secrets, fun facts and useful tips. ... Once a pantheon to the gods of Ancient Rome, this stunning structure in the heart of Italy's capital has been a church since the 7th century. Bus Tour. Popular Tours. from €28.00 EUR  $97.62 per adult. $6.18 per adult. No mark-ups, no hidden fees, always 100% free. This would be the first time in the entire history of the building that any fee or ticket would be required to enter it. BY BUS. a few words. Pantheon and Santa Maria Sopra Minerva Guided Tour in Rome (From US$49.46) Colosseum, Pantheon and Roman Forum Express: Small Group Tour Skip-the-Line Pass (From US$46.99) Colosseum, Pantheon and Roman Forum Express: Small Group Tour Skip-the-Line Pass All Included (From US$83.72) In 1435 Eugenius IV separated the church, and also after that it was the item of such admiration that a Roman legislator on taking workplace swore to protect ‘Maria Rotonda’ intact for the pontiff, along with the relics and also spiritual prizes of Rome.  Seller: Viator C’est un immanquable, que je vous recommande vivement de visiter durant votre séjour à Rome! It had a Greek name. Le Panthéon est un édifice qui fut reconstruit, sous les ordres de l’empereur romain Hadrien, entre l’an 118 et 125 de notre ère. View our privacy policy, © Copyright 2018-2020 D'Uva - Tutti i diritti sono riservati - Privacy Policy Made with by D'Uva, NOTICE: In compliance with the new anti-Covid measures, celebrations and visits to the monument are temporarily suspended, Audio guides and guided tours available in different languages, Calendar of religious activities and reservations Holy Masses, The best preserved monument of ancient Rome, a privileged place of dialogue between art and faith”, Watch the video of the Pantheon rose petal shower for Pentecost, © Copyright 2018-2020 D'Uva - Tutti i diritti sono riservati -. Last admission 30 minutes before the closing time of the Pantheon. History. The Pantheon is noteworthy, among all surviving Roman temples, for its remarkably fine state of preservation. €20. Learn about how to visit, guided tours, and audio guides to the iconic Rome landmark. The anniversary of the consecration, May 13, was celebrated each year as a feast of all the martyrs, that is, of all saints. Quick View. Il faut savoir qu’il s’agit du monument antique le mieux conservé de la ville, qui nous est parvenu quasiment intact. ... e-ticket . Pantheon Rome Tickets. It had a Greek name. Thus enrich your experience with a comprehensive, precise and complete guide. Visite guidée; Vélo; Visite guidée en Français Panthéon, Fontaine Trevi, Piazza Navona.