Their podcast features their designs, yarns and knitting tutorials. Find Planetpenny on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. About: Yarn AddictAnniken’s Yarn Addict blog features her knitting design journey and super helpful tutorials. About: North KnitsJewell’s knitting and crochet keeps her centered and reminds her that time spent making is her best source of strength. Hands down. Her videos are helpful and fun. She is not currently updating it. Ils l’ont écrit : Le Progrès Lyon, Le Tout Lyon, 20 minutes Lyon, Direct Matin Lyon, Lyon People,, Les Maristes, Les filles 2 Londres, Intermédia, Phosphore, Jeunes ambassadeurs, Tout pour les femmes, Jactiv Ouest France… They have a lot of videos and tutorials to watch and to learn from. Nicolette loves sharing unique knitting projects, exploring color and inspiring others creativity. They feature their latest events, helpful tips and what’s on offer in their shop. Alana is a knitwear designer, Knitting Boutique store owner and podcaster. Find Alex Creates on Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube. Constance wanted to learn knitting before crocheting and is self taught. Find Arnall-Culliford Knitwear on Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube. About Actually Knitting:Michelle began her knitting podcast back in 2014. The title The Knitting Doctor comes from the fact that she is a physician specializing in internal medicine. You could literally spend years reading through all the information on Ravelry. He loves to talk about his knitting projects, sometimes crochet but mostly about knitting. All the best with your blog Lilia! About: Handmade by KunbiKunbi’s blogs is where she gets the chance to talk more about knitting, crocheting, creating, yarn, life and everything between, and also sharesome of my free knit and crochet patterns with other makers. What We Love: The diverse knitters featured on Donna’s blog give you an insight to what knitting means to so many different people. They also love to read and talk about that too. It started as a journal for documenting Nadia’s adventures in craft (knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning) and gardening. What We Love: Mindy’s patterns are lovely and her blog features her design process and more details on the creations of her patterns. She loves to discuss her hobbies with those that share the interest. Find Knitting By The Sea on Twitter | Instagram. Find Fiber Flux on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube. Find Little Cotton Rabbits on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram. They love to share their designs, knitting projects, yarns they love and stories of life along the way. Leave a comment at the end. Steph’s stories about her knitting projects and life are heartfelt and engaging. About: Knitting By The SeaKnitting by the Sea Podcast is hosted by Lisa (Saratogaknitting on Ravelry and Instagram) and she lives in Marblehead, MA. Rechercher tous les articles taggés #hair #cheveux . Alina loves knitwear and designing patterns. I’ve been looking for a comprehensive list for a while and THIS IS IT!! Find Undergound Crafter on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube. Find Indie Untangled on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. Following 519. With the help of knitting books her abilities in knitting have progressed as has her passion. Anna is a knitter who finds inspiration in cartoon characters. Her designs are truly delightful. Excellent suggestion, thank you very much. Josie is a UK native, living in a cosy home which she swears is insulated with yarn and fiber! And all the other readers who got in touch with us with their suggestions. What We Love: Franklin’s posts are very engaging. The blog keeps you up to date with all their latest happenings. Excellent suggestion, thank you very much. Engagement Rate 10.69% . They love showing their happiness, love and excitement through knitting and yarns. She published her own design patterns that can be found on Ravelry, and in the pages of a variety of books and magazines. Veuillez noter que vous ne pouvez pas télécharger uniquement la vidéo, mais aussi en faire un GIF, enregistrer un cadre séparé de la série vidéo, vous pouvez également télécharger seulement un fragment de la vidéo. I love the shelves of yarn in his studio! If you have any other favorites, we’d love to hear them. They have been podcasting for some time now and are very comfortable in front of the camera. Mindy Wilkes designs and creates patterns of her own. That’s perfect, another vote for GG Made It Thanks very much for letting us know. See link in our Knitting Podcasts section. are forbidden by Skyrock's 'General Terms of Use' and that you can be identified by your IP address ( if someone makes a complaint. Hi Carol. I am particularly interested in the stories of Tech Editing. What We Love: Tabi and Rachel share their knitting adventures about once a month. Hi Jenifer. Following 519. What We Love: Knitorious shares her knitting projects interwoven with her wonderful life stories. She shares her thoughts and ideas on her blog and loves to inspire any beginners to try knitting. How did you all miss her blog – inquiring minds would like to know. Gorgeous wool sales, beautiful projects and delightful anecdotes by and for real life mums and crafters. She shares wonderful patterns great yarn finds and her love of all things orange. Although not actively blogging anymore, there is plenty of knitting goodness on her site. Find ACTuallyKNITting on Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. Nicole and Jenny are both avid knitters and love to share their passion for their craft including dyeing yarn. She is more active on Instagram as a way to share her designs and current projects and finished objects. A couple of knitting obsessed sisters that love to talk about all things YARN! What We Love: Chic Knits Knit Blog features the updates on some of the designs Bonnie creates. She was taught to knit by an elder. What We Love: Blazing Needles knitters have led many charitable campaigns, from blanket knitting, to collecting yarn and needles for women and has come together to support the homeless youth in their community. What We Love: Max’s World is not just only focusing on knitting and other crafts, but also it has featured sculpture and animations. Find Bluprint on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. Jeanette is passionate about diversity in knitting, which led to a list of talented POC designers and makers being featured on her site. She aims to design patterns that are both fun and easy to make, with easy and clear instructions and bright joyful colors. Brooklyn Tweed supports domestic textile production that surrounds the USA. Find Knit With Hannah on Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube. Max had been designing and making jewellery for knitters. :) #clusespringfling #cluse #ad AVG Likes 65,692.80. Leslie started to blog back in 2006. They also share tips about all things knitting, spinning and weaving. Her website’s aim is to “offer mindful knitting as a mind-body practice that provides comfort amid suffering, enables recovery when possible, and alleviates loneliness and despair when full recovery isn’t possible.”, What We Love: The e-newsletters that Becky creates are full of fascinating articles that focus of all sorts of knitting goodness and mindful. She loves to sew, knit, crochet, and make things all day long. What We Love: Tight Knit Syria is aiming to help Syrian women to stay resilient and productive in dire times through knitting. A special favourite of mine: zigozago, and on facebook, zigozago artisan wool. Her patterns are inspired by her family members and she has a passion for designing beautiful and useful knitted items. Her website is a place where knitted toys and people can live together in a spirit of fun and joy! Knitting is their passion. I love listening to her latest knitting design adventures and hearing about her handmade wardrobe. . Find The Gift of Knitting on Twitter | Instagram. Lisa also hosts a knitting videocast called 90% Knitting. About: Skeindeer KnitsAlly is a Norweigian knitwear designer living in London. What We Love: Untangling Knots is a line of independently-published patterns. Often her posts include both! About: UK and KnittingUKHandKnitting is all about celebrating the joy of handmaking something in this age of mass-produced items. AVG Likes 65,692.80. What We Love: One Lupine Fiber carries a wide variety of fibers from Maine-raised sources so you’re able to have the best at your fingertips for your own projects. Je suis une jeune youtubeuse de 14 ans qui réalise des vidéos sur YouTube Her tenacity and perseverance lead her to trying to understand how things worked in construction and techniques in knitting. Over the years she has been an integral part of promoting indie producers and makers. It’s great to see there are a few men knitters listed her. Andrea’s thoroughly researched interviews with different Knit Designers, Yarn Dyers, Yarn Producers and Shepherdesses are fascinating. Also what’s going on in her life. She is also a published author of several titles. She believes that everyone should learn to knit and due to her love of T.V and movies, many of her designs can be knitted whilst watching. This channel is dedicated to anything that deals with the topic of knitting. She helps knitters and crafters get inspired by sharing modified knitting projects, round-ups of craft ideas and recipes, and reflections on the crafting life. Ma montre est le modèle « la garçonne » de @cluse c’est une nouveauté. What We Love: Mad Man Knitting specializes in Knitting teddy bears and has created gorgeous patterns for knitted animals and bears. (Vidéo: style tonic) Voyages. Find Ewe University on Twitter | Instagram. Lee is a great designer who is also running Leethal Knits. She loves to share her passion of knitting. What We Love: There is a huge list of helpful tutorials on Anniken’s blog. Help us by Authenticating. She shares her finished items and patterns via posting or video tutorials and loves to share her beautiful photography of the gorgeous area she lives in. There is so much to learn. Leslie’s photography is inspiring. Room Tonic features a collection of vibrant and colorful high-end furnishings, lighting and home décor accents embracing those styles of Chinoiserie Chic, Palm Beach Regency, Hollywood Regency, and Vintage Eclectic. Find Crafts from the Cwtch on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. She loves to share new patterns and newly finished knits that have a Retro Style. What We Love: Donna Smith Design had been using a variety of textiles and techniques in their past work and have mainly worked with pressed wool felt in recent years. Brésil : Fernando de Noronha, un paradis épargné par le tourisme de masse ; CHUTES DU NIAGARA EN BATEAU – Canada (Niagara Falls) Charlevoix (Quebec) En vacances à Turks & Caicos!!