Even if you don’t have any curbside classic pics (though there is the cohort), I’m sure you could put together a pretty good Automotive History on a subject of your choosing. Ces deux pièces forment un engrenage. Plus de détails. Le parc de Drive Collection va prochainement s’enrichir avec un Alpine A310. Renault thought the development of the V6 A310 in 1976 could possibly defeat the Stratos; Wrong. The new Alpine Renault A310 sets new standards for small-engined sports cars.’, Not everyone was impressed; German magazine Autorevue described it as ‘too underpowered for an enthusiast car and not luxurious enough for a luxury car.’. 21 déc. But while that brief foray onto these shores failed to produce any meaningful sales, across the Channel the marque enjoyed a long and illustrious career spanning more than four decades. A few weeks ago I spotted this 1971 Renault R15 TL. It was prismatic where the A110 was aquaceous, but was unmistakeably an Alpine. The GTA/A610 range was considered a failure for Renault, it was a far more refined vehicle than the A310 but only sold around 6,500 models over its ten year lifespan against greater expectations. The Alpine A310 was a sports car with a rear-mounted engine and was initially powered by a four cylinder 1.6 L sourced Renault 17 TS/Gordini engine. He was also involved in the development of the road cars, though it appears his influence on the A310 was one of refining rather than defining. Aerodynamicist Marcel Hubert (bottom right) had been hired by Rédélé in 1962 primarily to work on their racing efforts starting with the M63, and would continue with the marque until 1982 as a crucial member of the team. By early 1968, the team had settled on a general styling configuration for this rear-engined car. I never realized that even a small run were actually sold here though. Ce week-end, on était aussi en Bretagne pour l'Autobrocante Festival de Lohéac 2017, un événement varié et qui plaira à tous ! I don’t recall seeing too many Peugeot 205s in town though. Or as the French say: Excellent ! Sites sport automobile du groupe Renault. It is probably disingenuous, however, to deny Michelotti’s influence on these shapes. The car weighed 840 kgs distributed 40% front and 60% rear. Beyond this, there’s not much information on his styling career, though his presence was definitely felt when one of his sketches for the 114 project (above) reached the full-size prototype stage at Renault. The car was styled as a "Berlinette", which in the post-WWII era refers to a small enclosed two-door Berline, better-known as a coupé. Far from being a direct replacement for the A110, the A310 would complement it and the two models would be offered alongside each other until 1977. Don, what an absolutely fantastic write-up. He appears to have been a self-effacing and modest figure in the ego-driven world of the automotive stylist. Overcome the initial turbo lag and the Alpine leaps towards the horizon at an astonishing rate, while phenomenal grip means that bends are dispatched with uncanny ease. Le « A fléché » d’Alpine signe la grille d’entrée d’air, les flancs, les ailes avant et le pavillon. Wow! The A 310 V6 was an alternative for the 911 Porsche I guess. The Renault-Gordini inline-four might have still been small, but it was certainly potent by this stage: the exhausts on the 16-valve version were quite a work of art. Alpine a déjà tenté ce créneau : avec la A310 et la A610... on ne peut pas dire que cela a été un franc succès 3/ l’actuel la A110 actuel est une auto TRES réussis, tous les journalistes le disent, tous mes amis testeurs / essayeurs me l'on confirmait Jean took up competitive driving in a rear-engined Renault 4CV. The A310 was sold in Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Mexico and Portugal – which combined made up almost 50% of sales of the model. The A106 would not only prove itself in competition, this new company would go on to produce 251 examples of the model. Formed originally for fans of the V6 Renault Alpines including the Alpine GTA V6 GT, GTA V6 Turbo, GTA Le Mans and A610. I reply that the mystery coupé is an Alpine-Renault, but he doesn’t look convinced. I also find it quite interesting to note nobody in the rally world has claimed to even enjoy the A310 during their careers, yet Jean-Pierre Nicolas, Ove Andersson, and Michelle Mouton all claim one variation or another of the A110 to be their absolute favorite competition car, ever. A young stylist, Yves Legal, was employed by Alpine to assist Béligond in the face of his declining condition. The A310 is deceptively quick – it goes like stink, in fact – yet it’s wonderfully cosseting. Renault Alpine Cup is anAlpineOne-Make Championship Race onGran Turismo 4.Only Alpine cars can race it. This problem was not unique to the A310, as the A110 faced similar hurdles over the years. The Alpine A310 was a sports car with a rear-mounted engine and was initially powered by a four cylinder 1.6 L sourced Renault 17 TS/Gordini engine. In 1954, he had earned an Alpine Cup by finishing the Alpine Rally without penalty. The heavier engine altered the A310’s weight distribution, now at 33% front and 67% rear. Most significantly, that distinctive front end was revised to a four-headlight arrangement, divided by body panelling which sported the Renault logo. More recently I have been lucky enough to encounter one in the wild, and my opinion has only been affirmed. It really is staggering, yet feels utterly benign – on a twisty mountain pass, I can imagine few cars being more inspiring. Three, actually-one Series I and two Series II V6 cars. The Alpine A310 was a sports car with a rear-mounted engine and was initially powered by a four-cylinder 1.6 L sourced Renault 17 TS/Gordini engine. And the Porsches (except the Speedster) were eminently usable as a daily driver, with no compromises in comfort, ride, seating, etc.. The A310 received the same backbone chassis as the A110, although it had wishbone and coilover suspension on all corners compared with the A110’s swing-arm rear. Coming from you, Rammstein, high praise indeed. Alpine lance un programme de journées sur circuits pour ses clients. On entre dans un monde de sensations oubliées au volant de nos véhicules modernes et aseptisés. The 2.6 L motor was modified by Alpine with a four-speed manual gearbox. This form cannot be used to contact the photographer. Must have been a few decades ago since I saw one on the road. Of note is the use of Fiore’s own logo on the brown sketch, rather than that of Fissore. Pitched squarely at the Porsche 911, the A310 would follow established Alpine practice, employing the familiar steel backbone beneath its glassfibre body. Alpine A310 Calberson. La DMC-12, c’est l’idée de John DeLorean, un américain et ancien dirigeant de General Motors qui souhaite fabriquer sa propre voiture. Alpine A108: Successor: Alpine A310 The Alpine A110, also known as the "Berlinette", was a sports car produced by the French manufacturer Alpine from 1961 to 1977. And how cool is a country that puts louvres on the rear windows of police cars? Your email address will not be published. Nice to see a picture of the Renault 5 Alpine. Note the example lower right with the louvred rear window. I couldn’t fit this pic in the story, but any excuse…. Copyright 2011 - 2020 Curbside Classics. I’ll be honest, French cars have often left me cold, they just don’t look interesting and the ones that are more out there, tend to be a mish mash of design choices that fails to find a coherent shape. I always liked the looks of the Alpines, and at least bought a Tamiya A110 RC kit to add to my collection. Would have been fascinating seeing a version of the Alpine A310 powered by either a Gordini or PRV V8 as well as the 160 hp 1.4 Turbo from the rally focused Renault 5 Turbo. This same engine would make its way into the R17TS/Gordini from 1974. Power: 169 HP Weight: 964 kg Weight Distribution: 50 Displacement: 1.605 cc Max. In 1977, this A480 styling mockup was prepared as part of an attempt to create a ‘1980’ language for an Alpine in mid-rear engined configuration. Its 1973 home market price – 46,800 Francs – was almost double that of the Renault R12 Gordini at 19,200 Fr, and was still substantially higher than the top-spec R17TS at 24,600 Fr and R15TS at 18,500 Fr. The drive began with Les 17 tournants, the “17 turns”, one of the highlights of the Tour de France. Wow Don, when I clicked the post I wasn’t prepared for how detailed and in-depth it would go into all of Alpine’s history, a fantastic read! Humbug! There was no RHD version, which meant the UK and far-flung Australia missed out. All URLs listed were available through the Internet on April 7, 2010. Michelotti had also been asked to submit a proposal (bottom right), but it was rejected for a number of reasons including that the brief had been changed to a four-seater. Haven’t seen that example before, those widened ducts look serious. Its unconventional handsomeness wins me over. Pitched squarely at the Porsche 911, the A310 would follow established Alpine practice, employing the familiar steel backbone beneath its glassfibre body. CC Scoop: Unseen Alpine Mid-Engined Proposal by Peter Stevens, Mike Tippett’s Curbside Classic of a barnfind Alpine A106 located in the US. It was over 200 kgs heavier than the A110, and with both using the same engine it was the two seater that continued to excel. Before delivery commenced on production models that October, there was a final change to the body; the rear lights that sat above the bumper under flush plexiglas panels on the prototype were relocated and replaced with a cluster of blister units. The second outing for chassis number 18393 was the 1975 Rallye Monte-Carlo, which had … A hefty dose of negative camber plus short suspension travel and an unfeasibly low centre of gravity endowed the coupé with unrivalled ability on snaking asphalt. I came across it whilst looking for more information regarding the Solex carburettor setup of the A310V6. Other sources quote 125 DIN. It look bulbous and ungainly. Frequelin-Delaval, Ronde de la Giraglia winner The Alpine A310 V6 is likely one of the most beautiful rally cars of the seventies. Go for it. Alpine-Renault A442/0 _ The Retromobile show opens its doors from February 5 to 9, 2020, at PARIS-EXPO in Paris, France. Trevor Fiore’s involvement has never been fully explained, though there is a recent book ‘Alpine La Passion Bleue’ by Bernard Sara that apparently addresses this. But the A310 was not the competitive sibling in the family. When the last A310 V6 rolled off the production line in 1984, 9,276 examples had been built. or the astringent edge of pastis, that slightly jarring face is intrinsic to the authenticity of the A310 shape. Fantastic to hear its getting a refurb. It was also intended for a two-door model to complement the four-door saloon in the Renault lineup. Designated the VC model, it had a 1,798cc engine that was unfortunately never an option for the road cars. With Renault now in control of Alpine, the task for shaping the A310 V6 fell to Robert Opron, seen here at right with his predecessor (now staffer) Gaston Juchet and Bertone’s Marcello Gandini. How devastating it must have been for this man – whose delicacy of touch went to the very essence of his character – see his facility ebb away just as he was in the midst of perhaps the most exciting project of his career. Its distinctive silhouette was like no other, and it also excelled as a performance vehicle. As he later recounted; ‘I thoroughly enjoyed crossing the Alps in my Renault 4CV, and that gave me the idea of calling my future cars ‘Alpines’. Visitor Rating: 74 Votes. The Renault Owners’ Club is the only UK club to have been around for every Alpine launch. According to Vauxpedia, the droopsnoot first appeared in June 1972 within the styling studio. However they did broaden Alpine’s range and would come to be directly replaced by the A310. The court found in Frua’s favour and ordered Monteverdi to pay. Unfortunately it has only been published in French and I have not been able to access a copy. In 1977, Rédélé sold his remaining stake in Alpine to Renault. Yves Legal was then hired by Alpine on a fulltime basis, and as the top image suggests (with A110s in the background), the refinement of the shape took place in Dieppe and not in Italy. Meanwhile, Alpine redirected their focus to a road car using the 3 litre V8 Gordini engine. Cool cars I’m sure Ive seen a A 310 at a show in Aussie nothing else looks like that I saw a A110 in Havelock north here in Hawkes bay at the end of a Dunlop targa it had been competing beautiful car and very rare here, Vauxhall copied the faired in lights of the 310 for their Firenza droop snoot coupe, but awesome cars and a great write up Thanx Don. But it’s a bit more complex than that. Whereas the previous Alpine models had sold in the hundreds, over 7,500 examples of the A110 would be produced. All Rights Reserved. L’Alpine A110 CUP face à la concurrence en TTE . The impressive front of the early A 310’s with their six headlights, the alloy wheels, the interior, it all made it a very desirable car. Don, c’est magnifique! 2017, Manosque • asphalt 116.80 km • Other years. "This is a competition between the historical sports cars of France that are obsessed with rear-engine, rear wheel drive." Perhaps johnh875 may be able to back me up on this one. There was perhaps no better launching pad for the Alpine brand than on top of the Victorian Alpine-region’s opening Targa High Country stage at Mount Buller. I really can’t see the Alpine riding to any success in the US on the back of the Dauphine. So there’s still hope. To return to the Monteverdi Hai; it is said that on a visit to Fissore Peter Monteverdi had seen Fiore’s work on the Alpine and insisted on using that shape for his own car. This, however, was overshadowed by several factors. That’s why some of design elements didn’t really harmonise with the entire design or some design compromises were made. The A110, however, had overcome most of these barriers via proper production runs by the time the A310 began competition within the rally circuit. 8. The capital outlay was significant for this largely independent carmaker, and the A310 had been rushed into production to help offset costs. Alpine est réputé pour créer de superbes voitures de sport extrêmement efficace sur routes et circuits. The versions with slats and rear spoiler help, but the bare version is a problem for me. Comments (0) Overview; Reviews (1) Discussion; Game Version: 1.22 Controller Type: Game Controller Vehicle Manufacturer: Alpine Performance Points: 400 PP Max. Legal apparently took Béligond’s rounded shapes and made them sharper, with more crisply defined junctures and surfaces. It allowed for greater resistance to torsional twist, and for half axles to better maintain contact with uneven ground – an added bonus for Alpine’s rally applications. He was head of styling from 1965 to 1975, and continued with Renault when Robert Opron took the head job, perhaps relieved to cede the administrative tasks and focus on design. I finally got the chance to see one in person at a car show back in ’07. The Alpine’s engine was derived from the R16’s 1,565cc I4, and was released in three variations. Alpine had its own four-seaters running parallel with the two-seater Berlinette and cabriolet. Development work had begun in ’68 and, with a spacious new factory to pay for, the ever-astute Rédélé had made the decision to pitch the car further upmarket where greater profits were to be had. Using A110s, the Alpine team won the World Rally Championship in 1971, and the car continued to notch up national titles for its various drivers through to 1975.”. 1964 saw success in the single-seater field. I spotted my first Alpine recently a Bathurst 1000 campsite, of all places. Per the article text: “But the A310 was not the competitive sibling in the family. Though there are genuine questions over the Citroen origins of the R16 hatchback configuration, its distinctive Renault shape was the work of Gaston Juchet. Early coupes were very similar to the first Michelotti Dauphine proposal. It scuttles around curves in a flat, neat and nifty way that suggests something much smaller with light, quick steering. By the time I caught it, the fibreglass body had withstood the ravages of its outdoor storage but it was looking most forlorn. The RAG coupe’s shape had sprung directly from Juchet’s hand, and a full size prototype was constructed before the project was abruptly cancelled in 1966. Under familial pressure, Rédélé gave up on his little Michelotti and instead joined Escoffier in a venture formalised as ‘Société des Automobiles Alpine’ on 6 July 1955. What a great piece Don. But by the early 1970s, another stylist had stepped up to claim the Hai’s shape – Trevor Fiore. Grand Prix; Results and Standings Le Ceerta vous propose différentes activités sur ces circuits à issoire : Pilotage Auto et moto, formation sécurité routière, évènementiel d'entreprise et location des circuits terre et asphalte Alpine sorted the handling on the 310 simply by putting huge tyres on the rear (they’re even bigger on this car) and it seems to have worked. A couple of years ago, fellow carspotter AVL wanted to show me an exotic he had found in Melbourne’s backstreets. Also the A110-A310 transition is similar in many ways to ‘growing pains’ experienced by Lotus with the move from Elan/Europa to Elite/Eclat. Thanks! In 1976 the A310 was restyled by Robert Opron and fitted with the more powerful and newly developed V6 PRV engine. That’s very flattering. If Coggiola had been engaged by Renault or Alpine to help with styling during the ‘soft-form’ phase of the A310 in early 1968, it still takes us further away from the explanation as to how this soft form version came to be so close to the Monteverdi Hai. And I’ve always loved the A110, neat to see how the shape progressed, gradually getting longer and lower. Like other road-going Alpines, the 1961 A110 used many Renault parts - including engines. He engaged Frua to style the car and ordered 50 bodies to be made. Le dessin des jantes évoque l’un de ceux en vogue sur l’A110 et l’A310 dans les années soixante-dix. I was vaguely aware of the Alpine cars, but learned a lot this morning! I learnt lot there, and your knowledge of style and stylists comes right through. During the most of 1970s and early 1980s, many small manufacturers of exotic cars often sift through the components made by OEM suppliers to peruse on their cars, i.e. Writing in Autosport, an excited John Bolster described the roadholding as being so outstanding that it defied all rational explanation. For some the Alpine A310 is an acquired taste, for others it is ‘jolie laide’ and for others again it’s just plain ugly. Salut la compagnie voilà je décide de lancer un nouveau topic, ben voilà faire le listing des voitures que vous avez conduites, et des voitur... - Auter : karkass - Page : 9 - Pages : 17 - … I think that you have answered all of the possible questions about it. In 1957 Rédélé asked Michelotti for another coupe which was delivered in 1958, though it’s not clear whether this was intended as a Renault or Alpine proposal. Conclusion. From that point he became one of France’s most accomplished and celebrated drivers in rally and endurance events. Les chronos sur le circuit de Lohéac. April 1973 saw the introduction of the VF series, with the Webers being replaced with Bosch D-Jetronic fuel injection increasing power slightly to 127 hp (95 kW) at 6,450 rpm – a changeover made to meet tightening emissions standards. MOTEUR. Though it would lead a troubled life due to chronic underfunding in its various production opportunities, the Trident influenced – amongst others – Colin Chapman to pursue this vernacular for his own cars. However, after winning five special stages, Nicolas and chassis 18393 were safe in 2nd overall, finishing over 19 minutes ahead of Jean-Luc Thérier, in a sister Alpine A310, in 3rd. In 1978, Renault Sport was moved out of Val Druel, and in its place Renault established Berex (Bureau d’Etudes et de Recherches Exploratoires) to develop sporting variants of Renault’s road cars. This performance variant of Renault’s bread and butter baby had been developed by the Alpine team and sold 53,000 units. Feel free to post your story when tuning this unique car. After such a spectacular showing on the Monte, it is not hard to see why they would delve further; these cars maybe shot out 150 horsepower max in rally tune. It really wasn’t ready for US conditions, and by 1960 its sales plummeted, unlike the VW’s. Alpine Renault continued to develop their range of models all through the 1980s. Added to which is the fact that most of Alpine’s competitions success was in rally and rallycross, which I don’t think had as strong a following as amateur trackracing in the US. That distinctive front end had not appeared on any A310 drawings or models prior to the Juchet sketch. But, when the French get their out there styling just right, they hit it out of the damn park. The 2+2 cabin was a step-up in luxury for the marque, with electric windows, carpet and optional leather offered by Alpine for the first time. (A note at this point: the 1972 World Cars Catalogue lists the VE version as having an SAE horsepower of 140. A removable subframe supported a revised 2849cc version of the A310’s V6 developing 160bhp, while in the autumn of 1984 a fuel-injected 200bhp 2458cc turbo unit from the R25 joined the line-up. In 1972, only a year after they had delivered the factory prototype, Coggiola presented another A310 body to Alpine. Steering was rack and pinion (2.5 turns lock to lock) and braking was discs all round. Plus the GTA/A610–I’m a fan of all of them. In 1967, he expanded his ambitions with a large two-seater front-engined coupe powered by the 426 Hemi. Aha that would be where my grandfather got his Brumby utes from! This shape, possibly by Gandini, seems to have come to nothing. The engine was the same as the standard model, but it came with a five-speed box and wider wheels. Then there is the issue with how the FIA required a car to be properly homologated to compete within the International level; where as French events were lax in this regard, the majority of other sanctioned events were not. It was during this period that he, Béligond, or the both of them together came to the early 1968 shape in Dieppe. Rallye Suedliche Weinstrasse 2017 Der Alpine A310 (auch: Alpine Renault A310 oder Renault Alpine A310) ist ein Sportwagen des französischen Automobilherstellers Alpine, der von Frühjahr 1971 bis Anfang 1985 hergestellt wurde. I don’t think it’s doctored, I think it’s a genuine kiddyscale sports prototype. Of course this affected handling and Renault found themselves sending updates to dealers explaining how to set rear tyre inflations for the first series of the A310 V6. Stages de Pilotage Porsche 911 sur terre 1982 Red Alpine Renault A310 V6 Sports Car right hand passengers side view of 1982 red alpine renault a310 v6 classic french left hand drive 2 two doo Paris, France. No more. Roadholding was guaranteed to be spectacular with the R5 Alpine’s competition suspension at the front and the A310’s at the rear. However, because of Renault’s stake in Chrysler-owned American Motors, the GTA was quickly withdrawn due to competition with Chrysler’s TC by Maserati. This is the most understated puzzle piece of this whole article. I found this pic during my research. http://vauxpedianet.uk2sitebuilder.com/vauxhall-93000—hp-firenza. Alpine Renault continued to develop their range of models all through the 1980s. The V6 even had quite a big following in Germany and thanks to the glassfibre body many an A310 has been modified to give it Group 4 looks. The form arrived at by Alpine in 1968 bore a marked resemblance to the 1970 Monteverdi Hai. I do like the A130’s design for the most part, especially in profile, but I can’t reconcile myself with its rear end. De la F1 au Rallye ! The Alpine name was owned here by PSA, so right-hand-drive cars were at first sold simply as Renaults. Two years earlier, Sunbeam had also named one of their cars ‘Alpine’, a complication that would confound the French company as it came to expand its market internationally. The A310 looked as if it had been conceived with night rally stages in mind, although it would never dominate the sport in the same way its forebear had done. Outside of the 1st place finish on the 1975 Rhonde Crevenole, 3rd place was the next best thing these cars could muster (all on French events). The security man’s puzzled frown broadens as he peers into the ‘boot’ and discovers two and a half litres of turbocharged V6. The badges, it would appear, are not to be trusted. British buyers remained sceptical, however, the mass-market badging of UK versions doing nothing to further its cause. At its sticker price, sales were probably impacted by the fact that some buyers were waiting for the V6 version. A dozen A310s were prepared for competition with front wheel arch flares and a widened rear flank that included most of the c-pillar to also allow for larger air intakes. At 24, he was France’s youngest new car dealer. [Topic officiel] Alpine A110 (1962-1978), aKa la Berlinette [Topic officiel] Alpine-Renault A310 (1971-1985) [Topic officiel] Trabant 601 : La voiture passe-muraille [Topic Officiel] Autobianchi A112 (1969-1986) Voir tous les sujets "Sujet officiel" 400PP. For 1996, Renault would be referring further back into the Alpine heritage. Etape N°1 : Personnalisez. Search - Personal photo gallery of Matthijs van Wageningen with the following categories; Aviation (Airshows), Animals (Zoo), (special) Events and Holidays. Thanks for the Ledwinka headsup. The original six-lamp version is unquestionably the best–who else would design a look like that? From my understanding, he was preparing designs such as the Trident on his own initiative, then was trying to get an order from a manufacturer which could then be met by Fissore’s own production capacity. Under the skin, the front axle balljoint mountings were changed in 1974 to silent-bloc rubber/steel bushings. See more ideas about Auta, Vozidla, Francouzi. Coincidently (or not), Chappe et Gessalin had prepared an ungainly cabriolet for Alpine around the same time which was shown to the public. My favorite was the series I: when i saw the photos of the monteverdi above i was immediately reminded of the detomaso mangusta. Rédélé always had one eye on the German marque and he would constantly use it as a benchmark for his own models. The facts, analysis and with pictures – all on a little known marque. Découvrez vos propres épingles sur Pinterest et enregistrez-les. I’ll leave it to the bien informés to point out any other modifications during the A310’s life. AMC added to that with Le Car. I do remember occasionally seeing a couple of TVR’s (Grantura series 3 with the Cortina tail lights & Vixen) that would park out the front of Maddock’s garage in High St – if people have not seen them in person they really can’t understand how small they are! The argument can certainly be made that the first series V6 is the best-looking A310. Faster at the expense of more rear weight bias, It took Group 5 homologation (which was not FIA WRC sanctioned) to slightly better the power of a Group 4 Stratos. But even the over-spoilered later versions are attractive, in a late 70’s sort of way. Or at least half. The silver Alpine A310 prototype was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1971. Cheers Chris. It has since disappeared, hopefully still held in Australia and afforded the rejuvenation it deserves.