Miguel gets hit in the back by Electro and is thrown out the window, while Lady Spider takes cover inside Leopardon's head as Electro unleashes a lightning storm at her. After the events of Spider-Man 2099 Volume 2 and Secret Wars, Spider-Man 2099 returns in his own new series!. [2] Spider-Man 2099 #1 is the highest-selling single issue of any comic written by Peter David.[3]. Dans un style visuel aussi révolutionnaire qu’inédit, Phil Lord et Christopher Miller, les créateurs de LA GRANDE AVENTURE LEGO et de 21 JUMP STREET, unissent leurs exceptionnels talents pour nous offrir une vision résolument originale d’un nouvel Univers Spider-Man. Miguel realizes that this temporal anomaly is what will cause the end of the Heroic Age, since where he is in the past is when history tells him all the heroes and much of Earth's culture and technology were wiped out. [17], Realizing that there is now a person with abilities similar to Spider-Man, Tyler Stone sends agents to hunt this person. Spider-Man 2099 then convinces Proteus that coming to his reality was a mistake and that he should move on. [72], After Proteus is defeated, Spider-Man 2099 remains with the Exiles to help them continue to fix damaged realities. As Spider-Man, they ask him to try and fix an old homunculus-like robot they had found. When originally published, the Marvel 2099 stories were meant to depict the official future of the Marvel Universe: a dystopian America governed by corrupt megacorporations with a number of cyberpunk elements. At this time, Marvel's finances and future were unstable, and sudden firings were quite common. After receiving a message from the Sinister Six, Miguel and Kasey go to Alchemax to rescue Father Jennifer. An All-New, All-Different Marvel series. His father is a scientist at Alchemax and Miguel himself is a high school student attending the Pym Academy. Feeling guilty that he has inflicted the crazed villain onto a parallel Earth, and now afraid of being hunted down since his identity has been exposed, Spider-Man 2099 joins the Exiles in their quest to stop Proteus and leaves his world. He is also surprised at the effect his presence has on the people who have been oppressed for so long, particularly his own mother, who ironically also hates the man her eldest son has become yet admires the exploits of Spider-Man 2099. The Venom symbiote, still alive, though slightly altered, takes on a new host body and attacks Tyler Stone, currently hospitalized after being shot. Due to the hypnosis, Tempest does not realize that she is the one who killed Miguel, thus preventing her from giving him a more specific warning when they met in 2099. Directed by Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey, Rodney Rothman. Miguel and Lady Spider take the interdimensional jumping device to the safe zone on Earth-13, only to find a great number of Spiders massacred. [volume & issue needed], Another version of Spider-Man 2099 was one of the alternative Avengers seen briefly during the Destiny War in Avengers Forever #12. As Lady Spider figures out how to work the device, Daemos attempts to broker a deal; if they let him go, he promises that he and his siblings would leave them alone. Spider-Man : New Generation est un film réalisé par Bob Persichetti et Peter Ramsey avec les voix de Stéphane Bak, Camélia Jordana. The moment their leader Strange refuses, he orders the entire team detained at any cost. In this reality the Sinister Six had taken over Alchemax , [39] while the U.S. Government enacted the Anti-Powers Act … Directed by Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey, Rodney Rothman. However, Miguel is transported to 2099 and resurrected by Doctor Strange 2099, with help from Roberta and Gabri, as well as being informed that they are finally entering a year 2100 at Happy New Year. He can see in complete darkness and can accurately perceive and zoom-in on people and objects that are a great distance away. [84] He appears in the film's post-credits scene, along with his A.I. Though Tyler is hesitant to assist him, Miguel points out that he will have to go home sooner or later. He then tells her that they have an appointment with Tyler Stone. Miguel soon realized that with his abilities and position in Alchemax, he could can take down Tyler Stone and his Alchemax monopoly that held Nueva York (New York of 2099) in tyranny. After Strange reveals that the CEO of Alchemax is J. Jonah Jameson, Spider-Man rallies the heroes to launch an assault on S.H.I.E.L.D. They later help Elektra defeat Doctor Frisco when the base explodes. Lady Spider then calls him, stating that Daemos had gone into a trance-like state. The robot then reactivates, causing its right hand and foot to disable Electro and Vulture respectively, before Miguel fires upon Octopus with Kraven's ship, knocking him out cold. Peace, morality, and progress spread from Earth to the surrounding worlds. [volume & issue needed], Miguel possesses venom glands and pronounced, pointed canine teeth. [22], Miguel later learns that Gabe is aware of his dual identity, having recognized Spider-Man's costume from what Miguel wore to the Day of the Dead festival years earlier. Anthony Stark became Sorcerer Supreme by 2099 A.D. https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Spider-Man_2099?oldid=5681374, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. [volume & issue needed], Although the original Spider-Man is able to have any part of his body (such as his back) adhere to surfaces through unknown and invisible means, Miguel can only cling to surfaces with his hands and feet due to angled talons protruding from his fingers and toes. 10 Things About Spider-Man 2099's Costume Marvel Fans Need To Know Spider-Man 2099, also known as Miguel O'Hara, owns one of the better costumes in the Spider-Verse, and here are a few things you should know about it. 1:34. Miguel eventually accepts the position at Alchemax, deciding to change the company for the better. His powers are extremely similar to those of Peter Parker's, including a spider-sense, with the exception of Miguel's organic webbing, that is shot from the top of his hand. However, this does not grant Spider-Man 2099 actual flight. [10] In July 2014 Marvel launched a second Spider-Man 2099 series, with Peter David returning as writer, Will Sliney as artist, and Simone Bianchi illustrating the first issue's cover. [80], Spider-Man 2099 appears in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, voiced by Oscar Isaac. Not wishing to be a blackmailed addict, Miguel recalls that he entered his own genetic code into his machine's databanks during initial experiments, using it as a human DNA test sample. Spider-Man : New Generation présente Miles Morales, un adolescent vivant à Brooklyn, et révèle les possibilités illimitées du Spider-Verse, un univers où plus d’un peut porter le masque… Films & … A few months later, Marvel announced they would publish a new 2099 title, 2099: World of Tomorrow, immediately following the last issues of the original titles, under the new staff. When the Timestorm happened, his DNA was mixed with that of the spider he was working on. [42] He and the other 616/Main Universe Spider Heroes of Earth are recruited by Spider-UK, Mayday Parker Spider-Girl of Earth-982, and Spider-Ham to join the Spider-Army to combat Inheritors, who hunt down and devour the Spider Totems like them across the Multiverse. Spider-Man 2099 was first featured in a five-page sneak preview of the first issue of his then-upcoming series in the 30th-anniversary issue of The Amazing Spider-Man. His superhuman agility and dexterity allow him to perform complicated acrobatic and gymnastic maneuvers that would be impossible for even the most highly trained athlete and help him achieve and regain perfect balance even under extraordinary combat situations. [volume & issue needed], Secretly aided by Zero Cochrane 2.0 (Ghost Rider 2099), Miguel rules for the next thousand years, ushering in an unprecedented age of enlightenment. Unwilling to waste any time, Miguel leaps into action, clawing at Green Goblin, bluffing him into thinking that he cut his throat, when he deliberately missed, forcing the Goblin to retreat. [47], Attempting to return home after the Spider-Verse, Miguel ends up in post-apocalyptic year 2099 of Earth-9200 (from The Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect storyline). Numbering continues from the 2014-2015 series. Teen Miles Morales becomes the Spider-Man of his universe, and must join with five [5] Marvel published a collected edition of the first ten issues of the original series in April 2009[6] and a second collection in October 2013 collecting up to #14. Unable to return to 2099 with Daemos still there, they transport the remains of the robot to Lady Spider's universe of Earth-803. [38] When Liz nearly discovers Miguel's identity, Miguel admits to his origin from the future without admitting to his role as Spider-Man. [volume & issue needed] The irises of Miguel's eyes became red, although when he uses his enhanced sight to zoom-in on an object that is far away, his eyes often become completely white, with no visible irises or pupils. Il surveillait les événements du film et se réjouit que tout soit rentré dans l’ordre. The material for the air foil was obtained from a Thorite's hang-glider and is made from a material called "Lyte Byte" which is specially made to capture and direct air currents and gives off a low level of anti-gravity particles. !, a humor anthology title, the character Spider-Ham (an anthropomorphic pig who parodied the original Spider-Man) was reworked for a parody of Spider-Man 2099 entitled "Spider-Ham 15.88". [63] Upon recovering, Miguel heads back to Parker Industries HQ and finds Dr. Frisco being chased by Electro 2099. Before departing, Miguel reveals to Gwen that in the end Peter takes his body back from Otto and the good guys win. Spider-Man 2099 Vol. But as they get to work on the robot, Norman Osborn-803 calls his fellow Six Men of Sinistry to take out Lady Spider in revenge for her thwarting their attempted kidnapping of the mayor. [76], Miguel received his powers in an accident caused by the Timestorm. Spider-Man 2099 est un personnage de fiction, un super-héros appartenant à l'univers de Marvel Comics.Créé par Peter David et Rick Leonardi, il apparaît pour la première fois dans le comic book Amazing Spider-Man #365 d'août 1992.. Ses aventures se déroulent dans un futur possible nommé Marvel 2099.Le Spider-Man de l'époque s'appelle Miguel O'Hara. Spider-Man 2099 est un personnage de fiction, un super-héros appartenant à l'univers de Marvel Comics.Créé par Peter David et Rick Leonardi, il apparaît pour la première fois dans le comic book Amazing Spider-Man #365 d'août 1992. Miguel gets help when his mother becomes his secretary, attempting to rebuild their relationship and confessing that she was the one who shot Tyler Stone. The new bi-monthly title lasted eight issues and was meant to serve as a finale for the 2099 line and the end of its regular publication. Read Wikipedia in Modernized UI. After seeing Spider-Man's mask, it transforms itself into a hybrid of the present day Spider-Man and Venom, naming itself Flipside. Doublé en version originale par Oscar Isaac, il avait déjà fait une apparition furtive dans la scène post-générique de Spider-Man : New Generation. À oblige d’alterner le bon et le malsain sur une même moeurs, le cinéma se tire une montgolfière à cause le pied … [28], Soon after this, a new villain called the Goblin appears and begins a smear campaign against Spider-Man 2099, displaying out-of-context evidence that implies he is actually a tool of the corporations and only pretends to be a hero of the people. Tout cela veut-il dire que l’on verra de nouveau Spider-Man 2099 dans la suite de Spider-Man : New Generation, déjà en développement ? [77] When the teams comes into conflict with Defenders consisting of Hulk 2099, Silver Surfer, Valkyrie, Strange, and Roman the Sub-Mariner, Miguel offers them to go legitimate and work for Alchemax. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Retrouvez tout le casting du film Spider-Man : New Generation réalisé par Bob Persichetti et Peter Ramsey avec les voix de Stéphane Bak, Camélia Jordana, Olivier Giroud, Presnel Kimpembe [54] Despite Miguel and Roberta's best efforts, Venture is retrieved and recruited by the Fist. Like the original Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Spider-Man 2099 can travel at high speeds swinging on "web-lines" when necessary, and he can use his webbing to ensnare enemies. They can even rend metal armor. In the year 2099, Miguel O'Hara, the head of the genetics department for the Alchemax Corporation becomes the legendary hero know as Spider-Man. [74], In the 2009 miniseries Timestorm 2009–2099, O'Hara is younger than in his original version. [1] David named the character after his friend, actor Miguel Ferrer. This new reality was vastly different from Maestro's Dystopia and combined elements of the original Earth-928 and a diffrent 2099 reality of Earth-23291. The character has since made several cameo and guest appearances in such titles as Captain Marvel vol. Collected Editions. [52] During the subsequent fight, Chronos reveals that he is working for an organization known as "The Fist", before he dies from his injuries. Stone intended to use it to blackmail Miguel, but Miguel had other ideas and returned to his lab at Alchemax to restore his DNA to its original constitution. Upon meeting, Miguel spots a ceiling laser pointed at him. At the time, he was attending a class on biological re-engineering in which he and his classmates were altering the genetic code of various bugs. [4] Marvel turned the 2099 titles over to fill-in writers and editors. When he bites a foe, he can release a toxin that temporarily paralyzes his enemy. He uses his talons to cut the webbing off when he removes his costume. Découvrez les films de la même licence ou similaires. Par ailleurs, Spider-Man : New Generation 2 est également reporté. [volume & issue needed], After having half of his DNA re-written with the genetic code of a spider, Miguel develops a wide array of powers. [27], After assuming his new position of power, Miguel winds up encountering a modern version of the original Spider-Man's enemy Venom. Miguel uses his talons through the UMF gloves and boots without tearing the cloth. When Venture discovers him, Spider-Man fights him until Glorianna sends him back to 2099. [75], After gaining his powers, he creates his Spider-Man costume in a 3D printer and helps a time-lost Peter Parker battle Scorpion 2099 (Kron Stone, who was caught in the same accident as Miguel). December, Twilight and Metalsmith join Father Jennifer D'Angelo and Ben Grimm in a trip to the Alchemax Mars colony to see if it is possible for the remaining residents of Earth to relocate to Mars. [29], Meanwhile, as Miguel O'Hara, he must deal with Alchemax business, including an uprising by the bio-engineered Neo-Atlanteans, who were bred as workers to complete Alchemax's underwater colony "Atlantis". Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Faites vous une idée du film grâce à la note des membres et aux critiques des internautes. Elektra goes to the Fist's HQ after knocking out Miguel and Roberta, who chase after her once they recover. training and form a new team called the New Warriors. [67], While in costume, Miguel often reinforces his mask with webbing so that enemies cannot remove it if he is captured or disabled in some way, provided he is not held for long enough for his webbing to degrade. "Spider-Man 2099 Collides with Superior Spider-Man's Present", "Spider-Man 2099 Swings Again In New Ongoing Series with Peter David", "Marvel Comics Full June 2017 Solicitations", All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z, "Was Spider-Man Unlimited Originally Spider-Man 2099? In this world, Miguel Ravage accessed primal arachnid DNA through a gene-surgery accident and fights using the "spider-beast" within. Cet Spider-Man : New Generation pèche par une écriture exagérément fluctuante de ses blagues et un sens du almanach inadéquat à autres occasions. His enhanced vision causes him to be extremely light sensitive, however, requiring that he wear tinted glasses to avoid being blinded in normal lighting conditions, which he passes off as a side effect of the Rapture. After a couple more adventures, the Exiles are scattered across the multiverse and Miguel O'Hara winds up on a parallel world where he is found by a red-haired woman living on the beach, later revealed to be that world's Mary Jane Watson. Likewise, if Miguel fell from a great height, the UMF would not protect him from the impact of landing, it simply would not tear in the process. After sending Lash back to where he came, she rechristens herself Glorianna and begins attacking civilians. Spider-Man convinces Doctor Strange 2099 to help him out in exchange for his help in eliminating the A.P.A. [48] With the help of Strange, Miguel is able to return the time period he was in before the Spider-Verse. The Spider-Man 2099 series' first issue appeared shortly afterward. Although the book was continuously selling more than 100,000 copies per issue, the book and entire 2099 comic line underwent a drastic shift in early 1996, with the firing of the 2099 series editor Joey Cavalieri. [volume & issue needed], Miguel's powers give him increased vitality and resistance to injury. This new timeline where Miguel is unmasked and leaves his world before Doom takes power is now identified as Earth-6375.[69]. The appearance of Proteus in the 2099 era before Doom 2099 comes into power causes a divergence from the original Marvel 2099, creating a new parallel reality. He is the morally dubious head of Alchemax which he took over from his handicapped father. [73] The Exiles locate Miguel but decide to leave him in the parallel world, deciding at least one of them should be allowed a happy, normal life. SPOILER - Malgré le fait que ce soit un film d'animation, "Spider-Man : New Generation" bénéficie aussi de la traditionnelle scène post-générique. [30], As the Spider-Man 2099 series approached its end, Miguel confronts the Goblin again and learns that it is actually his brother Gabe, twisted by jealousy towards his brother. Miguel O'Hara's journey from a cowardly, arrogant youth to superhero to galactic leader and icon comes to an end. He grows up with his mother Conchata, his younger brother Gabriel, and his abusive father George O'Hara. The character was originally designed by artist Rick Leonardi, with Peter David brought onto the series as writer to flesh out the character's alter ego, Miguel O'Hara, and supporting characters. [43], With Daemos trapped in an energy field, Miguel assures Lady Spider that he will not get out, explaining that the energy level holding him multiplies exponentially the more he shoves at it. [53] Meanwhile, Roberta Mendez - the Captain America of 2099 - is revealed to have been trapped in the past shortly after the bounty hunter Venture escapes into the present through Miguel's time portal. In 2099: World of Tomorrow, the polar ice caps melt and a massive deluge kills most of the world's inhabitants. Pressure applied to his forearms has occasionally caused him to release webbing without meaning to. However, this did not prevent Miguel from suffering the impact of the blasts, and he was still seriously injured. Though only approximately an inch in length, Miguel O'Hara's talons are capable of easily slicing through flesh and plastic. [volume & issue needed] After an unspecified amount of time, the woman and Miguel fall in love and he remains on that world. Spider-Man 2099 is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. As opposed to the original incarnation of Miguel O'Hara, the Timestorm version does not appear to have razor sharp "talons" on his hands and feet.