Personalized solutions

developpementMesureVisuelDo you have a development project? Are you looking for more natural solutions or products containing less salt? With a customized approach, we use our technical and culinary expertise to formulate and define solutions for your projects.

SAF (Food safety and formulation), a unique software application specifically designed for Solina, contains all clients specifications and raw material information and ensures a personalized and efficient development for your projects.

Each solution is developed according to customer’s expectations and specifications in terms of productivity, stability, texture, salt rate, production and packing processes.

Service focused, our experts regularly go on site and visit our clients’ production units for:

  • New specific product development
  • Recipes and trials for ready-meals, delicatessen, processed meat, vegetable, fish, and seafood, products
  • Industrial pre-productions
  • Partial or total outsourcing of your R&D
  • Cost optimization solutions.

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